Auditorium - Piazza Libertà, Bergamo
Located in the city centre and offering 400 seats, the Auditorium is at the core of Bergamo’s cultural life. Films from the Festival’s major sections are screened here. The theatre is equipped with advanced technology (HD 4k, DCP).

San Marco Theatre - Piazzale Repubblica 2, Bergamo
The Close Up section, along with side sections and re-runs, is held at San Marco Theatre, located a few steps from the Auditorium and equipped with HD 2k and DCP.

Capitol Theatre - Via T. Tasso 41, Bergamo
This theatre hosts the Kino Club section, along with other side sections, Q&As with filmmakers and re-runs. Located a few steps from the Auditorium and the Accommodation/Press Office, the Capitol theatre is equipped with HD 2k and DCP.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore - Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo Alta
The BFM36 opening event will be held in the iconic place in Upper City. 

Other activities

Palazzo della Ragione Exhibition Hall - Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo 
With the collaboration of Comune di Bergamo

Porta S. Agostino Exhibition Hall, Bergamo
Art exhibitions and installations, and other special events, are held at beautiful Porta S. Agostino, one of the gateways to uptown, medieval Città Alta.
With the collaboration of Comune di Bergamo

Meeting Point - Piazza Libertà, Bergamo
A double tensile structure set up in Piazza della Libertà, facing the Auditorium, and hosting a relax and restaurant area, as well as activities such as press conferences, public meetings, parties, concerts and workshops. A real Meeting Point for all Festival attendees.
With the collaborations of Birrificio Indipendente Elav and Pedrali S.p.a, Bettinelli Big Mat, Satellite Record

Ticket office | Info Point - Piazza Libertà, Bergamo
A large, comfortable space is provided in the entrance hall of the Auditorium theatre, where attendees can purchase tickets and gather information (Info Point office hours: 9am - 11pm).
With the collaboration of Prefettura di Bergamo

Accademia Carrara - Piazza Giacomo Carrara 82, Bergamo
Laboratories and workshops for young and adult will be held in the studio area of the important city museum.  

Incrocio Quarenghi Bookshop - Via Giacomo Quarenghi 32, Bergamo
An exhibition and workshops will be held inside the bookshop.

Organization • Press Office • Guest Reception Office

Former City Council Room - Via Tasso 4, Bergamo
This historically evocative space, once used as a Council room for the Bergamo municipality, now hosts the Festival’s Press Office, Accreditation Office and Administrative Office; it also offers video rooms for the press and industry professionals, as well as internet points and a wi-fi area.

(until 18 March 2017)

Guest Reception Office Opening hours:
11-12 March: 10am-7pm
Other days: 10am-1pm; 2.30pm-7pm

Press Office Opening hours:
11-18 March: 10am-1pm; 3pm-6:30pm