BFM Daily Strip

The Festival seen through comics

The Festival event dedicated to comics turns 5 years old. Once again in 2019 four of the best Italian illustrators will chronicle the Festival through their daily strips, sharing their BFM37 adventure from the movie theatre to the projection booth, exploring every secret corner of the next edition.

Alessandro Baronciani, Loputyn, Squaz and Sert will keep us updated during the whole 9 days of the Festival: together with them, writer Simone Tempia will once again be the MC and host of the event, doing the honours and presenting our guests to the public.

As usual, the daily strips will be printed live by Corpoc. And this year, a very special event is in the works: a show with live drawings and reading, with a sprinkle of cinema and comics in the mix. In short, March cannot come soon enough!

In collaboration with Corpoc and Incrocio Quarenghi Bookshop.