Daily Strip

BFM Daily Strip: the Festival in comics

This year, once again, part of the Festival experience will be... comics!

With a full access pass to the backstage, the projection booths, and the most secret corners, four among the top up-and-coming Italian illustrators will recount their adventure at the Festival through their daily strips.

Mabel Morri, Fabio Tonetto, Vincenzo Filosa and Vittoria Moretta will accompany us throughout the 9 days of the Festival: together with them, the writer Simone Tempia will be the host and master of ceremonies who will introduce the guests to the audience; just like in the past years, we will also offer a cinema & comics workshop in collaboration with the Incrocio Quarenghi bookshop and Corpoc will print the daily strips turning them into a full-fledged magazine for BFM36.

In collaboration with Corpoc and the Incrocio Quarenghi bookshop.