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24 January 2018

BFM Preview

16 February 2018

L'universo del cinema

Corso di cultura cinematografica a cura di Roy ...
17 February 2018

L'universo del cinema

23 February 2018

L'universo del cinema

24 February 2018

L'universo del cinema

Liv Ullmann

The BFM 36 Retrospective

The Norwegian actress was born on December 16, 1938, in Tokyo, where her father, an aviation engineer, had moved for work. Upon the outbreak of WWII, for fear of a Nazi invasion, the family moved to Toronto first,... more

Jonas Mekas - Personale

BFM 36 - Encounters: Cinema And Contemporary Art

Jonas Mekas (Lithuania, 1922), poet, artist and filmmaker, founder of the New American cinema Group and creator of the Anthology Film Archive will be the protagonist of the exhibition Jonas Mekas – Personale... more

BFM Launches Bergamo Jazz

BFM 36 / 10-18 March 2018

Bergamo Film Meeting renews its collaboration with Bergamo Jazz: the now customary passing of the torch between the two festivals is set for Sunday afternoon March 18, 2018 at 3:30 PM, and will be divided in two... more

Daily Strip

BFM Daily Strip: the Festival in comics

This year, once again, part of the Festival experience will be... comics! With a full access pass to the backstage, the projection booths, and the most secret corners, four among the top up-and-coming Italian... more