Among BFM’s major aims is the presentation of films that can then be bought for wider circulation in Italy, either on the cultural or the commercial circuit. This is an important achievement for the Association, a constant commitment that makes Bergamo Film Meeting an avant‐garde Festival both in the national and international field. 

For this reason, the Association organizes all‐year‐long activities aiming at supporting the distribution of independent cinema, films from little‐known cultures or restored classics. This is why it cooperates with institutions such as F.I.C. Federazione Italiana Cineforum and Lab 80 film, that have been working in this direction for years. Sharing resources, professional skills and technical means allows BFM to distribute films on the Italian circuit, constituted by film societies and clubs, cinema associations, public administration councils, schools, universities, foundations and cultural institutes. All this entails a widespread network, covering the whole national territory. 

Bergamo Film Meeting does not just organize the March film festival. It keeps on working the whole year in order to promote cinema culture and to launch some of the films presented during the Festival on other circuits.

The retrospectives - films

Enclave (Enklava) by Goran Radovanović (First prize Bergamo Film Meeting 2016)

• Mózes, il pesce e la colomba (Afterlife / Utóélet) by Virág Zomborácz (First prize Bergamo Film Meeting 2015)

• Miracle seller by Boleslaw Pawica, Jaroslaw Szoda (First prize Bergamo Film Meeting 2011)

• Avanti - A project for cultural and indipendent distribution (catalogue: Documentaries - Shorts)

• La piccola A by S. D'Alia, G. Ricci (Second prize Bergamo Film Meeting 2010)

• Indesiderabili by Chiara Cremaschi

• Pizza in Auschwitz by Moshe Zimerman

• Di madre in figlia by Andrea Zambelli

• Avanti Special #

• Un tocco di Wilder. Six films directed and two written by Billy Wilder

• Ernst Lubitsch: Four masterpieces of sophisticated comedy

• François Truffaut: Eight masterpieces

• Accadde domani. Fantascienza inglese dalla Guerra Fredda all'Apocalisse

• Six films in twenty years: Andrej Tarkovskij in Russia

• Lo specchio scuro. 6 masterpieces of Hollywood noir

• Cose da un altro mondo. Hollywood sci-fi in the 1950s

• Screwball & Romantic. Six masterpieces of Hollywood comedy

• Jacques Demy

• Sinistra/Destra2000 visto da...

• Robert Bresson

• Carl Theodor Dreyer