BFM projects, labs and workshops

During the Festival:

kino club - 9-17 march 2019 
A special educational section devoted to the Festival’s junior attendees
Kino Club is an articulate initiative aiming at introducing students from primary and secondary schools in the greater Bergamo area to the world of author film, through a wide selection of international films arranged in specific sessions, as well as animation and drawing-on-film workshops and guided tours.
In a culture that feeds more and more on images, the audiovisual language should become a chief strategy helping young people develop critical sense towards the world and themselves, encouraging them to improve their knowledge of cinema and to become part of an attentive, cautious and passion-driven audience.
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Throughout the year:

Besides offering a rich screening schedule to a diversified and enthusiastic audience, in order to promote the diffusion and knowledge of cinematic culture Bergamo Film Meeting offers new educational projects and labs to industry professionals and students (from primary school to college).
All year long, Bergamo Film Meeting collaborates with cultural institutions and associations to promote educational projects, including courses and labs, aiming at the diffusion of cinematic culture.
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Our activities include:

A lab teaching the use of plasticine as an animation technique: stop-motion short films will be produced by the students, who will also participate in creating a real frame-by-frame animation film, from the modelling to the shooting stage.
In collaboration with AVISCO Association

behind-the-scenes CINEMA
Every film tells two stories, one about the characters and the other about those who made the film itself – directors, producers, the crew on the set... Every film is then a film‐within‐the film: it is a long process, not necessarily a successful one, full of twists and turns, and of obstacles, too. A journey into the Italian set of I primi della lista, one that will allow students to discover the cultural and industrial dynamics behind contemporary Italian cinema.
The workshop is held by Davide Lantieri

This is a course in animation film in a social educational context, meant to provide the students with the organizational, technical and linguistic expertise that is necessary in order to produce animation films.
In collaboration with AVISCO Association

talking of cinema: an introductory course to film language
The course aims at providing spectators with critical tools concerning a film’s mise en scène, that is, an “expertise kit” that will allow them to watch films with even more curiosity, pleasure, and competence.
In collaboration with Lab 80 film. The course is held by Dario Catozzo

“Thinking Through Images: A Web Documentary Course” is an advanced 6-month course organised by Bergamo Film Meeting.
In collaboration with Bergamo University and aiming at training a new professional figure, the web documentary expert

THE little toon HOUSE
A little animation workshop for teachers, social workers, cultural professionals, students and cinema lovers. 
In collaboration with AVISCO Association

a TASTe of cinema
Or: How to become a self‐aware spectator 
A series of “film tastings” (mainly blockbusters) meant to improve the audience’s taste, or simply to make them able to recognize good films; a journey into the ingredients and secrets of script‐writing for the big screen. Because a connoisseur always knows what to choose... 
In collaboration with Davide Lantieri

A series of introductive courses and practical disciplines, meant for both adults and children, organised by Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus.
In collaboration with institutions such as Lab80 films, ARDEGA Association, ARTS Association, AVISCO Assication

A collection of auteur short films for primary school pupils, presenting animation films of recognised originality in the use of techniques, along with hard-to-find works and true gems in the animation world.
The 2013 event was organized in collaboration with Spazio Giovani Edoné, Polo Civico di Redona