Services offered by Bergamo Film Meeting

cultural event consulting

We have been working for 40 years, screened thousands of films and organized countless events in collaboration with many institutions on the following areas: cinema and its relationships with theatre and music; cinema as a way of investigating crucial issues of the present world such as the social and political conflicts that overheat our planet; cinema as an engaged tool for thinking about civil rights. 

film exhibitions

To us, cinema can be everywhere: in a theatre or in open air, even without projection rooms and screens... cinema is everywhere we can find good audio and lighting to share a film experience. A gym, a hall, an auditorium, a public square, a courtyard, a historical building that needs re‐discovering, or a never lived‐in new building are all just fine. Classics from the history of cinema, high‐quality films, entertaining films, films for kids... Just give us a socket and the show is on! 

retrospectives or tributes

We have a vast network of connections with major national and international institutions which promote authors and crucial moments in the history of cinema that are neglected by TV broadcasting, and offer the possibility of bringing these films back to their big‐screen splendor in the restored original version they deserve. 

Screening for schools 

Let’s take the kids to the movies, to have them see films that they would never have a chance to see in the commercial circuit, and to have them reflect both on cinema and the world surrounding them. This will create moments of discussion and exchange with the teachers, and will allow students to build their image of the present time through their knowledge of the past. 

publications (books, magazines, leaflets. etc…)

We have a long experience in the production of publications on cinematic topics, including monographs, catalogues, leaflets and flyers of any kind. Our publications bring together graphic design and rigorous contents. 

Translations, adaptation, subtitling

Translation, adaptation of dialogues and creation of subtitles. With the help of a special software specifically designed for this purpose with the possibility of timing the subtitles. Service for subtitles launching and direct subtitling of the digital support.