Becoming a partner

To associate a business brand to the 36th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting means:

To share the artistic and cultural values of an international film Festival whose 35-year-long history ranks it the top European events in the field: BFM is a place for premieres, special events, rediscovered masterpieces, and for the audience, the press and its many guests from around the world to meet and exchange ideas. With its art exhibitions, workshops and live performances, BFM is also a fruitful moment of dialogue between cinema and other artistic forms and events.

To be in connection with a top cultural event, widely recognized not only at local but also at national and international level. Highly praised by film critics, BFM is yearly followed by a diversified, curious, intelligent and above all large audience, with its over 60.000 attendees in a 9-day schedule full of screenings and events.

To be part of the development, preservation and diffusion of cinematic culture and to share the mission of the Festival, meant at giving visibility to new authors and to emerging cinematic cultures, and at rediscovering great cinema from the past.

To disengage from the traditional promotion circuit in order to create new forms of communication that may benefit from the Festival’s media coverage, as well as to gather a new audience: numerous, young and culturally dynamic.

Customized forms of collaboration with institutions and business partners can be fine-tuned in close contact with the Festival organizers. Different forms of financial contributions are possible. The partner of a BFM event will benefit from all communication strategies, channels and means that will grant it maximum public visibility, in terms of both network and promotion.