BFM Daily Strip

The Festival seen through comics

The Festival event dedicated to comics turns 5 years old.

Once again in 2019 four of the best Italian illustrators will chronicle the Festival through their daily strips, sharing their BFM37 adventure from the movie theatre to the projection booth, exploring every secret corner of the next edition.Alessandro Baronciani, Loputyn, Squaz and SerT will keep us updated during the whole 9 days of the Festival: together with them, writer Simone Tempia will once again be the MC and host of the event, doing the honours and presenting our guests to the public. As usual, the daily strips will be printed live by Corpoc through the magical process that is silk-screen printing. 

Moreover, the BFM Daily Strip this year will be enriched by a special event: a reading/performance between cinema and comics by Alessandro Baronciani who, on Sunday March 10 6:00 PM at the "F. Galmozzi" Conference Room (via T. Tasso, 4) will draw and present his book Le ragazze nello studio di Munari (The girls in Munari's studio).

 Sunday, March 10 6:00PM | "F. Galmozzi" Conference Hall

Alessandro Baronciani will read and (re)draw, in a performance setting, his graphic novel Le ragazze nello studio di Munari. Published by Bao Publishing, the new edition features some revisited illustrations and a variant cover. Inside we’ll find the same style and cartographic experiments that are the author's trademark; entirely drawn in black and white, the use of colour is an explicit reference to the film Deserto Rosso (Red Desert) by Michelangelo Antonioni.  Le ragazze nello studio di Munari is an introspective story that unfolds in six chapters articulated on different temporal levels: Fabio is a book collector who lives in Milan but travels the country looking for new pieces for his collection. The narrative is focused for the most part on the relationship he establishes with women: not interested in a lasting one, he always entertained multiple relationships with multiple girls. The protagonist analyses his behaviour by questioning himself through his relationship with the philosophy of Bruno Munari, of whom he is a great admirer. Alessandro Baronciani created a work of art that can be experienced on several levels, stimulating both for sight and intellect, as well as for tact and imagination, capable of engaging the reader in an experience that is nothing short of unique.

The performance Alessandro Baronciani e Le ragazze nello studio di Munari will be held on Sunday, March 10 6:00 pm at the "F. Galmozzi" Conference Hall (via T. Tasso, 4 - 1st floor).Free admission. Reservation required:


Alessandro Baronciani

Alessandro Baronciani is a cartoonist, illustrator, art director, graphic artist and musician. Born in 1974 in Pesaro but Milanese by adoption, he published for "La Repubblica XL" and "Rumore Magazine". Lead vocalist and punk musician with the "Altro" band, he gave life to the darkwave project named "Tante Anna". In 2006, he published for Black Velvet Una storia a fumetti, a collection of his first self-published works. Also printed by Black Velvet are Quando tutto diventò blu and Le ragazze nello studio di Munari. In 2013 he began a collaboration with BAO Publishing, for which he published the collection Raccolta – 1992/2012. In 2015, for BAO Publishing still, he published La distanza, written by singer-songwriter Colapesce. His latest work is Negativa (2018).



SerT, a.k.a. Stefano Togni, is a cartoonist from Bergamo who loves small formats, a passion he tries as much as possible to reconcile with the debts he has contracted with large formats. He is completing his first comic story, Sergio.

SerT will meet the Festival audience on Monday, March 11 8:00 pm at the Elav Meeting Point together with Simone Tempia, during Corpoc's live silk-screen printing.



Jessica Cioffi, a.k.a Loputyn, is a young Italian graphic artist appreciated for her illustrations in the Lolita fashion field, a Japan-born trend inspired by Victorian clothing. Her first 'Italian manga' is Cotton Tales, a horror story set in a Victorian background and published by Shockdom in 2015.

Loputyn will meet the Festival audience on Wednesday, March 13 8:00 pm at the Elav Meeting Point together with Simone Tempia, during Corpoc's live silk-screen printing.



A cartoonist and illustrator born in Taranto in 1970, he has collaborated with some of the top circulation Italian magazines (Republic XL, Frigidaire, Rolling Stone, Inguine Ma (h) gazine, Il Male, Linus, Internazionale, La Lettura). He has created illustrations for magazines and album covers for Feltrinelli, and Cohn & Wolfe, as well as for various Italian musicians including Tsigoti, Daniele Sepe and Caparezza. His works include Entertainment! (Ed. Interculturali), Pandemonio (Fernandel Ed. texts by Gianluca Morozzi), Minus Habens and Dimmi La Verità (both for Grrrzetic Ed.), Le 5 Fasi with the DUMMY collective (Edizioni BD) and Macchina Suprema (Giuda Edizioni).
Squaz has also designed the label of the BFM37 official beer: inspired by Fritz Lang's masterpiece Metropolis, the Elav Techno will be presented on March 9 at the Elav Meeting Point.

Squaz will meet the Festival audience on Friday, March 15 8:00 pm at the Elav Meeting Point together with Simone Tempia, during Corpoc's live silk-screen printing.


Sunday, March 17, 10:30 am | Incrocio Quarenghi bookstore (via Quarenghi, 32)

A silk-screen printing workshop aimed at graphic designers, illustrators or simple enthusiasts, offering the basics for the preparation of illustrations to be printed in silk-screen through hands-on experience and assisted printing. A theoretical overview of the main types of ink and their behaviour, the frame characteristics and the printing methods will be followed by a practical demonstration and the execution of the printing. During the workshop, the illustration of the official BFM beer label created by Squaz will be printed.

Free admission, max 20 participants. Info and registration


All publications of the guest illustrators and the screen prints of the strips will be available at the BFM Bookshop in Piazza Libertà from March 9 to 17.


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