Along with the March Festival, there are many other activities organized by BFM.
They go on all year round, so as to favour the diffusion of cinema culture and the distribution of some of the films presented at the Festival within significant cultural circuits.

BERGAMO FILM MEETING Association was founded to organise and sponsor the March Festival, but it also promotes other activities meant to favour the diffusion and knowledge of cinema culture:

• it supports and promotes the distribution of internationally produced films within Italian cultural circuits;

• it contributes to the reediting of re-editing cinema classics, taking charge of subtitling expenses, as well as translation and adaptation costs;

• it organises exhibitions and other initiatives meant to promote the diffusion of cinema culture;

• it organises exhibitions and other events in cooperation with internationally known film libraries such as Hollywood Classics (London) and Griffith (Genoa), with museums such as the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin), and with institutions such as British Film Institute and Federazione Italiana Cineforum;

• thanks to highly professional skills and technical means, BERGAMO FILM MEETING works steadily to promote projects from cultural milieus as diverse as film clubs, cultural associations, public administration councils, schools, universities, foundations and cultural institutions, both in Italy and abroad.

BFM initiatives

Bergamo Film Meeting has been working at many initiatives in recent years:

A five‐day exhibition devoted to new Latin‐American cinema: a retrospective promoted by Tenaris‐Dalmine, now at its 6th edition, organized in collaboration with GAMeC (Contemporary Art Gallery, Bergamo), Dalmine Foundation and Fundación Proa (Buenos Aires). 

film with LIVE MUSIC
Bergamo Film Meeting is often proud to present the screening of classical films with live music performances. The Man With Movie Camera was accompanied by a live show of the Tuscan band Kobayashi (June 2012, in collaboration with L’Appeso Association), while Nosferatu: The Vampire was accompanied by Press Trio (July 2013, in collaboration with Spazio Giovani Edoné). Menschen am Sonntag by Robert Siodmak was set to music by Icelandic band múm (March 2016, BFM 34 opening event).

georges simenon - gianni da campo collection
This is the first Simenon collection in Italy, a reference point for research and study in the works of the great Belgian writer. Run in cooperation with Alasca Foundation, the collection gathers most of Simenon's production, including over 900 books in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, along with critical books and magazines. The collection was established thanks to a generous donation from Gianni Da Campo's large book collection.

Finally, sold-out and out-of-print BFM books are available on your tablet, PC or e-reader device. Classic and recent monographs will be revised and re-issued in digital format, complete with new critical essays and updated filmographies and bibliographies. BFM e-books will be compatible with Kindle, Mac and Amazon readers and will be available for purchase on Stealthbook. A new way of reading about Bergamo Film Meeting: keeping up the pace with new technologies, and with more respect for the environment.

The 2017 First Prize film was revived in a great exhibition in Milan. In collaboration with Provincia di Milano - Assessorato alla Cultura, Corriere della Sera and AGIS Lombardia.

art date | bfm @ art date 2017
James Whale's Frankenstein was accompanied by a live performance by OvO on the occasion of the major contemporary art event in Bergamo. In collaboration with The Blank.

At the sea or in the mountains; on vacation or on a business trip: BFM merchandise is all over the world! Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus collects pictures sent by BFM fans with Festival merchandise from all over the world. This is an amusing collection, getting richer and larger every year, which will be presented in the next edition of the Festival.

A project by Laboratorio 80 Association, meant to preserve and promote family film archives, with special attention to amateur films made between the 20s and the 80s in 9.5, 8, Super8 and 16mm. 

A 9-classic retrospective within the Esterno Notte open‐air summer screening series (June to September), organized by Lab 80 film. 

A Lab 80 film project meant to promote and distribute independent Italian cinema, presenting over 50 films by new filmmakers in Brescia, Bologna, Novara, Pescara, Turin, Vicenza, Trento, Rovereto, Reggio Calabria.

BFM 33 First Prize film, Utóélet/Afterlife by Virág Zomborácz, opened the 9th edition of Filmfestival del Garda.

Bergamo Film Meeting will take part in this important event with the screening of a short animated film for kids and grown-ups.