Educational projects

07 March
15 March

Kino Club 2021

Bergamo Film Meeting per le scuole: l’appuntamento con gli alunni delle scuole dell’infanzia, primarie e secondarie di Bergamo e provincia, con laboratori, incontri con gli autori, proiezioni di lungometraggi e cortometraggi.
26 October
17 November

And yet it moves: techniques of animation cinema

Intensive workshop - aimed to teachers, educators, entertainers and movie fans - that will provide the skills and tools needed to create, and facilitate the creation of short animated films in a socio-educational context. Two techniques were experimented in the 2019 edition: paper motion and direct drawing on film.
05 October
05 October

Panel: Cinema in the classroom

Bergamo Film Meeting intends to promote a moment of analysis on the use of audio-visual supports in the school environment, an opportunity for discussion and high education that is structured through the interventions of three instructors, Prof. Emanuela Mancino, Prof. Paolo Fossati and Prof. Andrea Chimento.
18 February
25 February

Waiting for BFM 37

Two meetings about cinema with Dario Catozzo... waiting for the 37th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting: Monday, the 18th of February and Monday the 25th of February from 9PM to 11PM
15 December
13 January

1968-2018: Fifty years of cinema

Corso di storia e critica cinematografica a cura di Andrea Chimento.
Un percorso che focalizzerà l’attenzione su due tematiche: Storia del cinema, con particolare attenzione alla contemporaneità, e Critica e analisi del film.
12 November
26 November

Eppur si muove 2.0

Bergamo Film Meeting renew the appointment with teachers, educators and cinema lovers gathering up professionals and experts in the audiovisual field for a theorical and practical course about animation cinema.