BFM 37

13 March 201911:00
Auditorium – Piazza della Libertà

Paolo Spaccamonti + Ramon Moro + Julia Kent play Vampyr

A cinquant’anni dalla morte di Carl Theodor Dreyer, i musicisti Paolo Spaccamonti e Ramon Moro, con la violoncellista Julia Kent, trasformano Vampyr in un’esperienza visiva e sonora che restituisce tutto il mistero e l’inquietudine di una sinfonia onirica che ha influenzato generazioni di cineasti.
10 March 201915:00
AviscoLAB @Mo.Ca – Brescia

Masterclass with
Mariusz Wilczyński

Mariusz Wilczyński is the protagonist of the animation section of BFM 37: the polish director will led a masterclass at Mo.Ca in Brescia in which he will deepen the stages of production of an animated movie.
09 March
17 March

Pasolini and The Arabian Nights

A poet, writer and director considered one of the greatest Italian intellectuals of the twentieth century, Pier Paolo Pasolini will be the protagonist of this festival event consisting of a photo exhibition, a panel discussion and the screening of three restored films
09 March 201915:30
Cinema San Marco – Bergamo

Meeting with Nathalie Djurberg
and Hans Berg

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg will meet the estival audience on Saturday March 9, 3:30PM at Cinema San Marco. During the event, a selection of video works will be available, allowing visitors to learn, through the words of the protagonists, the main implications related to their work.