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Due notti fino al mattino
Directed by Mikko KuparinenItalian title: Due notti fino al mattino
Finland, Lithuania / 2015 / 85'
Marie-Josée Croze (Caroline), Mikko Nousiainen (Jaakko), Arly Jover (Céline), Sakalas Uzdavinys (il manager di Jaakko/Jaakko's manager)

While on business trip in Vilnius, Caroline, a French architect, has to spend an extra night due to a delayed work meeting. At the bar of her hotel she meets Jaakko, a Finnish dj who is in Vilnius for a gig. Caroline and Jaakko lack a common language, but they find themselves enjoying each other’s company. So they end up spending the night together. The morning after, however, what they expected to be a casual encounter takes an unexpected turn when volcanic ash cloud from a volcanic eruption grounds all flights out of Vilnius. Caroline and Jaakko meet each other again; this time he suggests her to spend some time together to know each other better. The 24 hours which follow could change their lives forever.

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