⚫ CANCELLED ⚫ Malcolm McDowell: The Iconic Rogue of Cinema

BFM — 38
BFM — 38
02 March
Elav Circus – Bergamo


A workshop for discovering the career and filmography of iconic English actor Malcolm McDowell and to come prepared for the tribute that Bergamo Film Meeting will dedicate to him.

In the course of two evenings, we will analyse together McDowell’s most important work, from the revolutionary If… by Lindsay Anderson (1968) to the most recent performances, like David Grieco’s Evilenko or Robert Altman’s The Company.

Ample space will be also given, of course, to his most iconic role to date: Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

Led by Andrea Chimento and Simone Soranna of LongTake, this seminar also aims to highlight McDowell’s evolution in the span of his career, trying to understand how much his acting performances were pivotal for the success of the films he worked in.


c/o Elav Circus, Via Madonna della Neve, n° 3, Bergamo

Monday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 3, 8:30PM – 10:30PM

Tel. 035 363087  e-mail. [email protected]

Admission: €10 for 2 sessions; free admission for supporters of the Support BFM 2020 campaign.

In collaboration with Elav Circus and LongTake.


12 March2015