A New Leaf

BFM — 42
BFM — 42
A New Leaf
10 March
Sala dell’Orologio – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Elaine MayItalian title: È ricca, la sposo e l’ammazzo
Usa / 1971 / 102 min.
col. / O.V. / Subtitles: o.v. sub. it.
Walter Matthau (Henry Graham), Elaine May (Henrietta Lowell), Jack Weston (Andy McPherson), George Rose (Harold), James Coco (lo zio Harry)

Playboy, man of the world and Predator of other people’s fortunes, Henry Graham (Matthau) can well boast of never having worked a day in his life. His last victim is Henrietta (May), ugly, clumsy, hobby botany and billionaire by birth. During the honeymoon, however, Henrietta discovers a new species of fern and gives it the name of Graham. The hard heart of Henry slowly softens.

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