All About Cinema 1

Il corso si propone di dare allo spettatore gli strumenti per cogliere il lavoro di messa in scena, in modo da acquisire conoscenze che permetteranno di vedere film con maggiore piacere, curiosità e competenza. A cura di Dario Catozzo.
06 October27 October

October 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2014
from 8.30PM to 1030PM
at Spazio Giovani Edoné – Via Agostino Gemelli, 21 – Bergamo

The class is by Dario Catozzo
Organisation: Bergamo Film Meeting, in collaboration with Lab 80 film, Spazio Giovani Edoné and Comune di Bergamo – Assessorato all’Istruzione, Sport, Tempo Libero e Politiche Giovanili.

Films, especially those seen on the big screen, manage to touch, amuse, amaze the viewer, immersing them in a world of extremely believable fiction. The impact of visuals and sound is usually very effective, and is achieved through a skillful handling of the shooting, acting, rhythm and sense impressed by the editing and the soundtrack; in other words, direction, filmmaking. The vision and analysis of film sequences allows the viewer to acquire knowledge of the fundamental elements of film language, highlighting what appears to be simple and straightforward but is, in fact, the result of precise and deliberate choices. The course aims to give the viewer the tools to grasp the essence of filmmaking, so as to acquire knowledge that will allow them to see films with a greater pleasure, curiosity and competence.


Class with a limited number of participants / Registration required
Cost: € 40 – Lab 80 members: € 30
Write an email at [email protected] – Tel 035.363087


Educational Projects

26 October
17 November
Intensive workshop - aimed to teachers, educators, entertainers and movie fans - that will provide the skills and tools needed to create, and facilitate the creation of short animated films in a socio-educational context. Two techniques were experimented in the 2019 edition: paper motion and direct drawing on film.
Think big!

Be part of the development, preservation and diffusion of cinematic culture and to share the mission of the Festival, meant at giving visibility to new authors and to emerging cinematic cultures, and at rediscovering great cinema from the past. Support an important cultural gathering but also the main reason to bring all cinema enthusiasts together, creating opportunities for debate, fun and sharing.
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