⚫ CANCELLED ⚫ Asian Dub Foundation plays THX 1138 by George Lucas

BFM — 38
BFM — 38
18 May
Teatro Sociale – Bergamo

To inaugurate the 38th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting, Asian Dub Foundation presents, live and for the first time in Europe, a new soundtrack for THX 1138, the sci-fi cult movie by George Lucas and his feature film directorial debut: a dystopian tale, set in a gloomy post-apocalyptic future, “far far away” from the Star Wars universe. The band live-scores the film with a brutal, fascinating, intense and fiery performance, transporting us to an aseptic world where mood-stabilizing drugs are mandatory and in which relationships are forbidden, but where two citizens dare to rebel against the system.

After postponing in May the inauguration of 38th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting, without any possibility of forecast regarding the reopening of public entertainment venues, we have to cancel the inauguration event Asian Dub Foundation plays THX 1138.
Thanks to the band and its management Bass Culture too for the collaboration.
We will shortly be providing information on refunds for the show.

To give a sign of great solidarity, it was launched the campaign #iorinuncioalrimborso: it’s not only a simple way support the Associazione Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus, but also an encouragement for our next events so that the Festival can return with the same commitment and cultural relevance as always.
We would also like to thank those who decide to support Bergamo Film Meeting: the invitation to those who will participate in this campaign is to send a mail to [email protected] with subject “I Support BFM”.

For over 25 years, the Asian Dub Foundation have created their own trademark sound combining eclectic musical styles, ranging from electronic to reggae to traditional Indian rhythms. British but multicultural in origin, they are one of the most active and exciting bands on the international scene, as well as one of the most political.

THX 1138
by George Lucas (USA, 1971, 86’)
Presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival in 1971, George Lucas’ THX 1138 marked the beginning of a glorious career for the American director. THX 1138 and LUH 3417 fall in love. But the powers that be won’t allow it. Sociological, stilistic, abstract and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, THX 1138 has acquired cult status over the years; the disturbing and minimalist soundtrack by Lalo Schiffrin is now reshuffled live in a fusion of ambient, punk, electronica, reggae, bhangra and hip-hop, making the issues represented even more suffocating: surveillance, oppression, data analysis, denial of human relationships. A grim view, but more relevant than ever.


Tickets: 35 € / 30 € for Support BFM 2020 donors