Directed by Ana Cristina Barragán
Equador, Mexico, Greece / 2016 / 95'
Macarena Arias (Alba), Pablo Aguirre (Igor), Amaia Merino (la mamma/the mother), Fernanda Molestina (Eva)

Alba is a solitary and introverted young girl who has learned to live with his mother’s illness and to play silently thus not to disturb her. When Alba’s mother gets worse and is hospitalized, Alba is sent to live with her father, Igor, whom she hasn’t seen since she was three years old. Living with him is something new and difficult for her, just as it is hard to feel accepted by her classmates. Then there are embarrassments and inadequacies, the first menstruation, the narrations of the first kisses, the cruel games of the teenagers, the visits to her mother in the hospital, Igor’s clumsy and tender efforts to get close to her. Thus, between tenderness and pain, Alba steps into adulthood.

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