Albert, berger

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
The Sheperd Albert

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Directed by Philippe Van CutsemItalian title: Albert, pastore [t.l.]
Belgium, France / 2019 / 62 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it./en.

Albert François Ciocca, a native of Marseille, lived between 1907 and 1963, the year of his death, in the region of Montagne de Lure, where he worked as a shepherd. The shepherd Albert – this is how he called himself – would have fallen completely into oblivion if, many years later, a man had discovered by chance some short poetic texts written in pencil in some stones of a sheepfold.


Philippe Van Cutsem – (Brussels, Belgium, 1965) first devoted himself to painting and drawing before broadening his practice to various artistic forms. During his studies at the École de Recherches Graphiques, in Brussels, he met Thibaut Halbardier with whom he produced, between 1993 and 1997, videos and installations in which he often staged himself. From 1999 to 2005, while pursuing a practice of drawing, he devotes himself to performance, which leads him to multiply collaborations both in Brussels and in Marseille where he stays for a year and a half. Albert, berger, is his last documentary devoted to memory, history and its forms of transmission.

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