Allegro barbaro – Magyar rapszódia 2

Allegro barbaro – Rapsodia ungherese 2
Directed by Jancsó MiklósItalian title: Allegro barbaro – Rapsodia ungherese 2
Hungary / 1978 / 74'
Cserhalmi György (Zsadányi István), Balázsovits Lajos (Zsadányi Gábor), Tarján Györgyi (Bankós Mari), Bujtor István (Héderváry, il Primo ministro), Kovács István (il conte Komáromy)

The story of Istvan which began in the first film of a projected trilogy by director Miklos Jancso, Magyar Rapszodia, is continued here in Allegro Barbaro. As Allegro Barbaro opens, Istvan has joined forces with the peasants, and in a scene recapitulating the one which opens the first film, a celebration is underway. However, this time, it is composed exclusively of peasants. As the story proceeds, it is clear that Istvan is actively working with the peasants against his family and his class. By 1944, Endre Bajcscy-Zsilinszk, the man whose life this story is based on, was executed for plotting to kill Hitler.

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