Alt blir bra?

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Everything is Gonna Be Okay?

Available online from April 25th to May 2nd on

Directed by Carl Christian L. StørmerItalian title: Andrà tutto bene? [t.l.]
Norway / 2021 / 57 min.
Black and white / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it.
Vittoria Helene Stiøm, Per-Arne Jensen, Markus Aspen, Gunnar Wilhemsen, Thomas Birkeland, Linn Veronika Hansen

Will it be okay? They say everything will be fine. But will it really? A film shot entirely during six peak weeks as COVID-19 hits the world – and the small Arctic town of Tromsø. The filmmaker follows a group of individuals, that each in their own way are trying to grasp, interpret and cope with their existence being turned upside down. As apocalypse looms and one snow storm after another hits their town, their paths collide. What awaits on the other side?

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