Amnesia [t.l.]
Directed by Nini Bull RobsahmItalian title: Amnesia [t.l.]
Norway / 2014 / 74'
Pia Tjelta, Christian Rubeck

Kathrine and Thomas, both writers, decide to spend a romantic weekend on a remote island off the coast of Norway. Alone, in a chalet, for two days. The idea is to relax and for Kathrine it is the opportunity to finish her first novel. Thomas instead, who is already a stated bestsellers’ author, would like to start a family and have children. When he realizes that she doesn’t share his desire, the tension mounts and, during of a fight, Thomas falls, hits his head and loses his memory. When the following day he wakes up not knowing who he is, Katherine sees the opportunity to start a new life with the sensitive man of whom she fell in love. But what if he was just pretending, or worse, suddenly remembered everything?

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