Ana Begins

Anna ricomincia
Directed by Ben O'ConnorItalian title: Anna ricomincia
UK / 2008 / 80'
Cosima Shaw (Ana), Steve Huison (Frazer), Louise Hunt (la scocciatrice/annoying woman), Jack Hosegood (il banditore d'asta/auctioneer), Ron Hart (Robert), Fred Rule (agricoltore/farmer)

Ana has been nursing her terminally ill husband for a long time. She now finds herself alone in a big house in Exmoor Park, Devon. It is February: a grey, foggy, cold month. Her neighbour Frazer starts calling on her. He is a married man. They often have breakfast together, sipping tea on Ana’s patio, in the open, warm coats and caps on. Their relationship seems to go beyond friendship. And yet, Ana is confused: she has to face her past, and her sense of guilt, before she can start a new life.

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