Father's Acre - La terra del padre
Directed by Viktor Oszkár NagyItalian title: Father's Acre - La terra del padre
Hungary / 2009 / 80'
János Derzsi (il padre/father),Tamás Ravasz (il figlio/son),Andrea Nagy (Ági),István Znamenák (Czinder),Lukács Bitskey (Zöldi),Bence Babcsán (Ervin)

Appena uscito di prigione, un padre torna a casa, dal figlio. Desideroso di riconciliarsi con il ragazzo, l’uomo cerca di trasmettergli i suoi valori e acquista un terreno per piantarvi una vigna. Ma il figlio, che gli rimprovera la sua lunga assenza, rifiuta nettamente la figura paterna. La tensione tra i due cresce quando il padre dà inizio a una relazione con la sorella della ex moglie. This is the story of a father who returns to his son after a long period spent in prison. Anxious to be reconciled with his child – who reproaches him for his absence (the mother having died in the meantime) – the father tries to teach him some values and buys a piece of land in order to plant a vine. However, the son totally rejects this paternal figure and the tension grows further when the father starts a relationship with his former wife’s sister.

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