Après L’usine

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Beyond The Factory

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Directed by Maxime CotonItalian title: Oltre La Fabbrica [t.l.]
Belgium / 2019 / 50 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it./en.
no cast

Haunted by images of the factory in which he worked for thirty years, Marc Coton meets his former colleagues to find an answer to a question left open by the sudden closure of this industrial flagship: «Now that the plant has closed, what have we become?». As a result of this introspective journey, Marc, who is now unemployed, is confronted as much with his past as with an inventory of the labor world in a once industrial city.


Maxime Coton –– (La Louvière, Belgium, 1986) studied sound engineering at INSAS. Today, he is not only a sound engineer or a sound editor, but has also his own projects as a film director. He is involved as a poet, as a musician, and in the organization of a publishing house and audiovisual productions.

Filmografia essenziale

Après l’usine (Beyond the Factory, doc., 2019)

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