Bába z ledu

Ice Mother
Directed by Bohdan SlámaItalian title: Madre di ghiaccio [t.l.]
Czech Republic, Slovakia, France / 2017 / 105’
Zuzana Kronerová (Hana), Pavel Nový (Brona), Daniel Vízek (Ivánek), Václav Neužil (Ivan), Tatiana Vilhelmová (Katerina), Marek Daniel (Petr), Petra Špalková (Vera), Alena Mihulová (Zuzana

After her husband’s death, Hana lives on alone in the family villa with only weekly visits from her two sons, Ivan and Petr, and their families, of whom she takes loving care. Complete with nagging and arguments between her children, these weekly Sunday dinners are a tradition no one dares change. Until one day, while on a stroll with her grandson Ivánek, she happens to rescue Brona, an elderly ice swimmer and quite a character, from drowning in the icy waters of the river. Brona lives in an old camper bus with a flock of chickens, including a jealous hen, Adela. This encounter inspires Hana’s lust for life and introduces her to a new hobby as well as unexpected romance.

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