Belphégor / ep. 3 Les Rose-Croix

Belfagor / ep. 3 Rosa Croce
Directed by Claude BarmaItalian title: Belfagor / ep. 3 Rosa Croce
France / 1965 / 280’, 4
Juliette Gréco, Yves Rénier, Christine Delaroche, René Dary, François Chaumette, Sylvie, Paul Crauchet, René Alone

In the Egypt section of the Louvre Museum in Paris, strange things have been happening in the last few days. In particular, a ghost seems to linger. The first sighting, by a keeper with alcohol issues, is dismissed as hallucination. But soon the master custodian is found dead in a nearby room. All over Paris rumors say that the museum is haunted. Chief of police Ménardier is in charge of the investigations. His curious daughter, Colette, and student André Bellegarde join him.

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