Bez wstydu

Directed by Filip MarczewskiItalian title: Shameless
Poland / 2012 / 81'

As the summer holiday begins, the 18 year-old Tadzik turns up unexpectedly at her sister?s home but he finds to his chagrin that she is not pleased to see him. The charming Anka is trying to carve out a new life with Andrzej, the latest in a long line of unsuitable boyfriends. Tadzik takes an instant dislike to Andrzej, who in not only the leader of a local neo-Nazi group and aspiring politician but also a married man. While trying to depose his rival for Anka’s affections, Tadek meets Irmina: a bright, confident gypsy girl whose ambition, belittled by her family, is to become a doctor. Irmina looks at Tadek as a hope for the future and a way out of the arranged marriage her father has planned.

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