BFM @ Artdate 2017

26 May
Sala alla Porta S. Alessandro – Bergamo

The Blank ArtDate, the yearly appointment with contemporary art in Bergamo, returns on May 26th, 27th and 28th.
More than 30 events including exhibitions, studio visits, talks, guided tours in historic houses and private art collections. 2017’s theme will be “Sacro/Sagra” (“Sacred/Celebration”).

Bergamo Film Meeting will participate in The Blank ArtDate!
On Friday May 26th, from 9.30 PM, we invite you at Porta S. Alessandro in Largo Colle Aperto for the screening of James Whale’s Frakenstein. The film will be set to music live by noise rock band Ovo.

The movie

by James Whale
USA, 1931, 71′, b/w

Baron and scientist Doctor Frankenstein transplants a new brain onto a dead body and he brings it back to life thanks to a magnetic fluid. His ambition and main desire is to reach absolute perfection, emulating God, and to instill life into lifeless matter.

The band

OvO are a duo, formed by a little possessed singer and guitar player (Stefania Pedretti) and an enormous drummer who plays a mini-set like it was a full metal drum set (Bruno Dorella). Their live performances are legendary, and they’ve played them all over the world, with extensive tours in Europe, North America, Mexico, Asia, including a lot of the main festivals.
What they do is not easy to file. It’s not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit of all these. Certainly it’s not free nor avant nor improv. For once, we can really say that it’s a band you can’t file.
They collaborated or played with the most important names of contemporary experimental rock music, and they worked for cinema projects (Frankenstein, Nosferatu) and theatre (“Aeneis V” by Lenz).