BFM @ Artdate 2018

26 May

Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday, May 27, Bergamo will hosts the 8th edition of The Blank ArtDate.
Establishing itself over the years as a point of reference for contemporary arts aficionados, on this edition The Blank ArtDate focusses on the theme of “FREQUENCIES”, in all its possible meanings.
The eighth edition marks the beginning of the collaboration with the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital: right inside the Lucio Parenzan Auditorium of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, on Saturday, May 26, Bergamo Film Meeting – a long-time partner of the event – will offer the screening of a series of animated films. The first focus is dedicated to the Dutch artist and animator Maik Hagens; all his works will be screened, including the remarkable To Lose One’s Way, which deals with the difficult theme of Alzheimer’s disease.
Completing the offer, a selection of films from the project Cartoni animati in corsia (Cartoons in the ward), promoted by AVISCO since 2012 within the Children’s Hospital – Spedali Civili di Brescia.

Animated Frequencies
Screenings by Bergamo Film Meeting

Focus Maik Hagens
Maik Hagens is an artist and animator from Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.
After studying arts and design, he attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium, obtaining a master’s degree in animation. His graduation project, the stop-motion movieTo Lose One’s Way (2003), has been screened at several international festivals including the Annecy animation festival. After his return to the Netherlands, he obtained an artist’s residency at the NIAF, the Dutch Institute of Animated Cinema, participating in several projects.
Maik teaches animation classes at the Pieter Brueghel atélier in Veghel, and at the Go Short festival in Nijmegen and is part of the board of the Dutch animated short film festival KloosterKino.
He is currently working on Floor Adams’ Mind my Mind, a film dealing with the theme of autism.

To Lose One’s Way, by Maik Hagens, NL (7’51 “, 2003, stop motion)
MW1300, by Mike Hagens, NL (1’25”, 2003, stop motion)
Vuile Kleren (Dirty Clothes), by Maik Hagens and Lars Reinboud, NL (1’41 “, 2011, pixilation)
KloosterKino (festival trailers), by Maik Hagens, NL (2’38 “, 2013-2018, mixed animation)

FOCUS Cartoni animati in corsia!
Cartoons in the ward is a project conceived, organized and promoted by Avisco in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital – Spedali Civili of Brescia and the School in the Hospital – Istituto Comprensivo Centro 3, and consists in the proposal of animation film workshops aimed to the young patients of the paediatric wards of Surgery, Neuropsychiatry, Oncohaematology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology and Pediatrics. First established  in 2012, thanks to the contribution of numerous supporters, it has reached its sixth edition in 2017 and is today – in all respects – a permanent workshop.

Se sorridi (If you smile) by Elisa Bettineschi (3 ‘, 2017, cut out and torn paper)
Sunny Bunny by Alessia Spoti (2’50 ”, 2017, cut out paper)
21 grammi (21 grams), by Sofia, Martina, Francesca, Benedetta, Davide (3 ‘, 2017, sand)
Icaro (Icarus), by Adriana, Arianna, Melania and Sonia (1’53 ”, 2014, plasticine)
Facce, facce e facce (Faces, faces and faces), by VVAA (2’48 ”, 2013, cut out and torn paper)
Viaggio marino poetico ambientale (Poetic ambient marine journey), Sofia, Deborah, Sofia Benedetta, Alessia, Eleonora (2’07 ”, 2012, torn paper)
Respect  by Maxwell, Sabrina, Denise, Carolina, Miracle, Maria, Corina, Goddess, Mohamed, Andreea (1’30 ”, 2015, pixillation and paper animation)
Chemion versus Osteosarcom by Tommaso Provinciali (3 ‘, 2015, clipped paper)