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BFM - 38
BFM - 38


Meet the European Decision Makers!

Brand new and all-European industry section which is intended to be a Networking Platform devoted to the opportunities that European festivals, markets, training programmes and funding offer to young directors and producers, in a more professional and international perspective.

Bergamo Film Meeting is opening in 2020 a brand new and all-European industry section which will be devoted to the internationalisation of professionals attending the festival from all over Italy.

BFM has been always strongly oriented a in European sense with its moments of permanent education – through the masterclasses given by the three directors hosted by Europe Now! section – but in the next edition there will be two industry days intended as a platform for information and networking, in two different directions:

  • illustrating the opportunities European festivals, forums and training programmes co- funded by Creative Europe offer to directors and producers;
  • describing the panorama of European funds, co-production funds and the existing tools for getting to know the most important funding opportunities in Europe.

For each day, an international panel, some case histories and some networking moments will be scheduled.
The objective is to help young authors and producers to conceive not only a film project but their whole approach in the audiovisual field in a European perspective, both in permanent education / training and in the production stage, adding also the participation to European networks as a crucial opportunity to evolve.

These are compulsory tendencies, that characterise the actual panorama and that have been recognised also by the new cinema law promoted by the Italian Minister of Culture, in specific actions devoted to internationalisation programmes.
In this perspective, the role of film festivals appear to be crucial, because they are more and more the place to be for training and networking but most of all – in case they host co- production forums and industry sections – for making business.

Creative Europe 2014-2020 has co-funded many industry events and forums which are now examples of excellence and place to be for professionals which are willing to go beyond their national borders. And Creative Europe has co-funded also training programmes and labs for project development and funds for post-production of European works with a special attention to low capacity production countries.

So, the European panorama had gone though relevant changes and received important funds, and has been enriched also by professional networks and new tools intended to help circulation and promotion of European works, thanks also to the digital era we’re all living in. All these new tools cannot be ignored anymore and design today a new panorama which encourages the young independent experiences of (co)production and which is to be well known: it is compulsory to get into this big European network, in which everybody must find its own space.

The complete program will be available soon.

The Schedule

Friday May 29th

Meet the European Festivals, Co-production Markets and Labs!

Film festivals are nowadays the go-to place for distribution, promotion of innovation and heritage, but also an access point to the market and a hub of permanent education as well as critical discussion and audience development. With the continued support of Creative Europe, BFM promotes a day of debate and networking, inviting representatives of European festivals, markets and institutions that share the mission to promote the circulation of European film.

May 30th


Meet the decision makers for EU film funding!

Directors and producers (i.e. the creative team of a film project) are nowadays required to be more knowledgeable and deeply aware of all the opportunities that Creative Europe and national and regional institutions offer in order to support a film project, no matter the production stage. Film festivals, with their co-production forums and training programmes, are often the go-to place, but then it is imperative to develop an expertise on funding and access to market tools which, in some case, are very niche-oriented but can generally help a lot in facing the financial issues typical of any stage of a film production. Being part of a professional network is another way to find other useful tools and to exchange ideas with European colleagues on similar issues, looking for common solutions.


All panels are in English

In collaborazione con / In collaboration with:
Creative Europe Desk Italy MEDIA – Ufficio di Torino
AGICI – Associazione Generale Industrie Cine-Audiovisive Indipendenti
AIR3 – Italian Directors Guild – Associazione Italiana Registi

VENUE: Bergamo, ELAV Circus
DAYS: tba

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Info and contacts:
Alice Arecco
Industry Coordinator – Bergamo Film Meeting
T. +39 035 363087 – [email protected]


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