Bon voyage

BFM — 42
BFM — 42
Buon viaggio [t.l.]
09 March
Sala dell’Orologio – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Karine BirgéItalian title: Buon viaggio [t.l.]
Belgium / 2023 / 54 min.
col. / O.V. / Subtitles: o.v. sub. it./en.
Luc Sauveur, Jacques Birgé, Karine Birgé

«She was 102 years old. It was the end of summer 2018. My grandmother made the choice to leave France to come and die in Belgium. The choice of a “sweet and easy” death – euthanasia in Greek. I look back at what preceded her ephemeral exile and my memories of this difficult crossing. From the sound traces I have kept, I build a small object and dolls theatre, bring together my relatives, my friends, Dr Frankenstein and Chantal Goya, and re-create a world around my grandmother who left in a strange quietude».

Presentation with director + Q&A.

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