BFM 33 at
Le vie del cinema

14 June
Cinema Palestrina – Milano

“Cinema’s Ways/Le vie del cinema” will soon be a protagonist of Milan’s cultural life. From 12 to 18 June 2015, a selection of films from the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival and Quinzaine des Réalisateurs will be screened, along with a selection of films from internationally acclaimed Festivals, including Bergamo Film Meeting.

The movie

Utóélet – Afterlife – Dopo la vita, by Virág Zomborácz, Hungary 2014, 95’, was the recipient of the 2015 BFM Golden Prize.

Mózes is a diffident, insecure young man who has finished theology studies and lives with his family in a hungarian village. His relationship with his father, an authoritative Protestant pastor, is rather complicated, characterized by disdain and indifference. One day, the father unexpectedly dies and his ghost begins appearing to Mózes, the only one who can see him. Mózes struggles to figure out how his father’s spirit might find peace, and it seems that, for the first time in his life, he’s been put in a situation in which he must take things firmly into his own two hands. At the same time, this is an opportunity to fix (in a quite weird way) his problems in the relationship with the deceased.

The director

Virág Zomborácz (Budapest, Hungary, 1985) completed her studies in scriptwriting and dramaturgy at the Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem (Academy of Theatre and Film Arts) in Budapest in 2009. In 2010 her short story Lonesome No More was published in the bestseller anthology Jungle in the Heart. As a director she made short films and video art pieces, including The Cat’s Role in French Literature (2006), Something Blue (2011), Dipendenza (2012), which have been screened at several international film festivals. She has also directed a number of commercials and has collaborated on the screenplays for television series for the Hungarian HBO. The script for Afterlife, her feature debut film, brought her a MEDIA European Talent Prize at Cannes 2011.

Afterlife (2014) Dipendenza [co-director] (short animation, 2012) Valami kék (Something Blue, short, 2011) Track Change [co-director] (short, 2007) A macska szerepe a francia irodalomban (The Cat’s Role in French Literature, short, 2006)