BFM — 38
BFM — 38
Captivity [l.t.]
13 March
Directed by Bruno OlivieroItalian title: Cattività
Italy / 2019 / 72 min.
Colour / O.V.

Women’s High Security Ward at Vigevano prison. «Freedom education» workshop; eight women, found guilty by association of organised crime (mafia, camorra, ‘ndrangheta) tell Mimmo Sorrentino about their childhood. He adapts their stories into a play. Each woman plays the part of another. From one show to the next, from one rehearsal to the next, a change of heart gradually occurs. But they remain in prison. A song about the pain we feel as we change.


Presentation with the director + Q&A

Bruno Oliviero –– (Torre del Greco, Italy, 1972) until the age of thirty lived in Naples where he had his first artistic experiences in theater and cinema. Since 2003 he lives in Milan and has intensified his relations with Paris where he lives half his time. After several documentaries awarded at various festivals, he has directed the fiction film La variabile umana with Silvio Orlando and Beppe Battiston, he has written the screenplay for Leonardo Di Costanzo’s L’intrusa and directed an important documentary on Louis Althusser for ArteFrance.

Filmografia essenziale

Cattività (doc., 2019)

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La variabile umana (2013)

Il giudice e il segreto di stato (doc., 2012)

Milano 55,1 – Cronaca di una settimana di passioni (doc., 2011)

MM Milano Mafia (doc., 2011)

Napoli 24 (doc., 2010)

Così eravamo (doc., 2009)

Napoli Piazza Municipio (doc., 2008)

Odessa (doc., 2006)

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