Chandler and films

Dopo l'esplorazione del linguaggio cinematografico condotta in passato, proponiamo il detective Marlowe al cinema in due film a confronto: Murder, my Sweet di Edward Dmytryk e Farewell, my Lovely del 1975 di Dick Richards.
02 February23 February

Following the exploration of the cinematographic language conducted in the past, this event consists in a back-to-back analysis of two films with detective Marlowe as protagonist: Murder, my Sweet (1994) by Edward Dmytryk and Farewell, my Lovely (1975) by Dick Richards, adapted from the novel of the same name by Raymond Chandler.

The iconic character is portrayed over a thirty years time span in two films that – while retaining the typically disenchanted and ironic atmosphere of the eponym novels by the great American author – reveal profound differences linked deriving from the time they were made and the personality of the filmmakers.

It is a further opportunity for knowledge and analysis of films, and to capture the relationships between cinema and literature comparing different styles of representation.


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