Cien metros màs allà

One Hundred Meters Away - Centro metri più in là
Directed by Juan Luis De NoItalian title: One Hundred Meters Away - Centro metri più in là
Spain / 2008 / 66'

The film takes place in Melilla, an independent Spanish town on the African continent. As soon as the customs house opens, thousands of Moroccans cross the border. While Moroccan officers turn a blind eye, the couriers bring huge bags of clothes and other merchandise from Spain to Africa. These men and women of all ages are hired by traders for a pittance. Most smugglers have no choice, as there is no alternative labour for unskilled workers in the area. Illegal imports are the only source of income for around 10,000 Moroccan families in this region. The job is an extremely tough and dangerous one. People are being used as pack animals and are often beaten up. Filmmaker Juan Luis De No records all of this, filming at times with a hidden camera, and following four smugglers at work and at home.

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