BFM in libreria: Cinema di classe – Per una pedagogia dell’audiovisivo

BFM — 40
BFM — 40
03 April
Incrocio Quarenghi – Bergamo

Curated by Ennesimo Academy, Cinema di classe – Per una pedagogia dell’audiovisivo (Classroom cinema – For an audio-visual pedagogy) aims to offer students and teachers a helpful toolbox to decode the films they are exposed to daily and analyze them through a critic’s eye. This is a wide-ranging project that is part of the Cinema for Schools initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture following the New Cinema Law, promoting film literacy in schools.
In particular, this book offers ten courses focussing on contemporary themes: a practical guide to support educators in teaching.

Will take parte Federico Ferrari and Mirco Marmiroli, artistic directors of Ennesimo Film Festival, and Andrea Chimento, longtake’s director


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