1954: rivedersi in piazza

BFM — 40
BFM — 40
02 April

1954: rivedersi in piazza, Italy, 1954, 5′
First edition of the Giornale del Popolo Cup: a flight competition for remote-controlled model aircrafts.

April 2 at 7 pm the Archive will screen the original film in the same place.

Cinescatti di Lab 80 film

Cinescatti is the Lab 80 film archive dedicated to preserving and promoting amateur and family films made in the Lombardy region. Through the collection, sharing and reuse, Cinescatti brings to light forgotten images and testimonies, making them accessible again not just to families but also communities. Thanks to several sharing projects, films become collective historical heritage portraying society through its micro-stories and different, unique perspectives. Today the archive is located in the new headquarters of Lab 80 film at Daste, a repurposed thermoelectric plant that has become a vibrant cultural centre in the city of Bergamo.


In collaborazione con Cinescatti.

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