Cordero de Dios

Lamb of God - Agnello di Dio
Directed by Lucia CedronItalian title: Lamb of God - Agnello di Dio
Argentine / France / 2008 / 90'
Mercedes Morán (Teresa nel 2002),Jorge Marrale (Arturo),Leonora Balcarce (Guillermina),Malena Solda (Teresa nel 1978),Juan Minuijín (Paco)

In 2002, in the middle of a terrible economic breakdown, 77-year-old veterinarian Arturo is kidnapped in Buenos Aires. His granddaughter Guillermina comes into contact with the kidnappers. In order to negotiate his release, she asks for her mother’s help. Teresa now lives as an exile in France, but the sad news of Arturo’s kidnap brings her back to the 1970s, when – at the time of a most ferocious military dictatorship – she was kidnapped by the Argentinean police. The two stories, the present and the past, thus begin to mingle. Guillermina starts realising her grandfather’s role in her mother’s release in 1978.

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