Dead Man’s Shoes

Dead Man's Shoes – Cinque giorni di vendetta
Directed by Shane MeadowsItalian title: Dead Man's Shoes – Cinque giorni di vendetta
Great Britain / 2004 / 90'
Paddy Considine (Richard), Toby Kebbell (Anthony), Gary Stretch (Sonny), Stuart Wolfenden (Herbie), Neil Bell (Soz), Paul Sadot (Tuff), Seamus O'Neill (Big Al), Jo Hartley (Marie)

Two brothers return to the home town they left years before. They are close, but very different: Richard is strong and purposeful, Anthony younger, more hesitant. Everything Richard does, Anthony innocently mimics. He is slightly retarded and completely in awe of his brother, who in turn is very protective of him. They set up camp in the hills overlooking the town, reminiscing over their shared past. But they’re not here to reminisce. Richard is here for revenge. He knows who he wants and he knows where they live. The town he left eight years ago is still run by the same gang of small-time drug dealers and thugs. The threat of his presence is enough to instill suspicion and paranoia. Why is he back? What does he want? Who is he after? A fantastic performance from Considine and a darker, yet still distinctive filmmaking style from Shane Meadows make this revenge thriller one of the most surprising movies of the year.

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