Die Puppe

La bambola di carne
Directed by Ernst LubitschItalian title: La bambola di carne
Germany / 1919 / 48’
Max Kronert, Hermann Thimig, Victor Janson, Marga Köhler, Ossi Oswalda, Gerhard Ritterband, Paul Morgan, Ernst Lubitsch

The Mosè Chiavoni – Luciano Biondini duo Live soundtrack performance by Mosè Chiavoni (clarinet) and Luciano Biondini (concertina)

Lancelot is a shy boy: he has no intention to get married, even if his uncle, baron von Chanterelle, keeps proposing candidates to his attention. One day Lancelot decides to retire to a convent. In order to stop his uncle from insisting, the monks propose him a trick: Lancelot should pretend to marry one of the automata created by the expert craftsman Hilarius. Lancelot thus chooses a mechanical bride. This doll, however, breaks up and Hilarius’s daughter Ossi takes its place. An unaware Lancelot ends up being married with a real girl, but after all, having fallen in love with her, he accepts marriage with pleasure.

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