Domácí péce

Assistenza a domicilio
Directed by Slávek HorákItalian title: Assistenza a domicilio
Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2015 / 92’
Alena Mihulová (Vlasta), Boleslav Polívka (LáDa), Tatiana Vilhelmová (Hanácková), Zuzana Krónerová (Miriam), Sara Venclovská (Marcela), Slávek Horák (Robert)

Vlasta is a home care nurse in a little town in Moravia. She is a generous and pragmatic woman who has dedicated whole her life to her husband, her daughter, and her patients, who used to put everyone’s needs above her owe, who strongly believes in traditional medicine and in the expertise of doctors. But one day she turns out to be ill and tries to make a change in her life. Compelled to abandon any certainty, she learns by her own that this altruistic attitude is also self-destructive. Thanks to a new friend, an alternative therapist and dance teacher, and a guru with questionable methods, Vlasta comes to accept that she, like anyone else, only needs love and attentions, as well.

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