Dzikie róze

Wild Roses
Directed by Anna JadowskaItalian title: Rose selvatiche [t.l.]
Poland / 2017 / 89'
Marta Nieradkiewicz (Ewa), Michal Zurawski (Andrzej), Halina Rasiakówna (la madre di Ewa/Ewa's mother), Konrad Skolimowski (Marcel), Dominika Biernat (Basia), Natalia Bartnik (Marysia), Dominik Wes

After a hospital stay Ewa returns home to her children, Marysia and Jas. Her husband Andrzej supports the family by working in Norway, while she gets some money working on a plantation that grows wild roses. The time apart has created a deep distance between them. When Andrzej returns for their Marysia’s first communion, rumors about his wife’s romance with a teenage boy, Marcel, reach him. Feeling condemned by others and misunderstood, Ewa’s relationship to her husband and her children starts to suffer: things pile up for Ewa and she starts to realize that the time has come to make some difficult decisions. One day, while she is at the rose plantation, Jas disappears.

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