Égi bárány

Agnus Dei
Directed by Jancsó MiklósItalian title: Agnus Dei
Hungary / 1970 / 85'
Madaras József (padre Vargha), Daniel Olbrychski (il violinista), Kozák András (il militare), Széles Anna (la ragazza bionda), Bujtor István (il gendarme), Jaroslava Schallerová (la giovane madr

Alegory of the suppression of the 1919 revolution and the advent of fascism in Hungary; in the countryside, a unit of the revolutionary army spares the life of father Vargha, a fanatical priest. He comes back and leads massacres. A new force, represented by Feher, apparently avanges the people, but only to impose a different, more refined and effective kind of repression.

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