El charro de Toluquilla

Il cowboy di Toluquilla [t.l.]
Directed by José Villalobos RomeroItalian title: Il cowboy di Toluquilla [t.l.]
Mexico / 2016 / 90'

Jaime is the embodiment of the Mexican macho: women, alcohol and music; performances as a mariachi singer in clubs and days spent at the ranch working with horses are an integral part of his gleaming imagery out of an old 50s movie. But, behind his boldness, Jaime conceals the discomfort of an awkward cohabitation: the one with HIV which, in time, made many of his relationships problematic: with her daughter, who was fortunately born healthy, with his elderly and religious parents. El charro de Toluquilla is the debut feature by di José Villalobos Romero, filmed over five years of observation: the portrait of a torn man, through dazzling technicolor imagery, problematic intimacy and unexpected lyrical passages

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