Onde [t.l.]
Directed by Grzegorz ZaricznyItalian title: Onde [t.l.]
Poland / 2016 / 78'
Anna Kesek (Ania), Katarzyna Kopec (Kasia), Tomasz Schimscheiner (il padre di Ania/Ania’s father), Jolanta Olszewska (la madre di Ania/Ania’s mother),Artur Krajewski (il padre di Kasia/Kasia's f

Ania and Kasia are friends, study to become hairdressers and have an internship at a small suburban hair salon. The days are all the same: after the school and the salon, there is some walks to the park, a piercing and a handmade discoloration, the Piotrek’s clumsy courtship. Moreover in Nowa Huta, the desolate industrial area on the outskirts of Krakow where they live, there is not much to do and nothing to have fun. At home, then, things are not going better: Kasia’s father is a drunken and her mother is depressed; Ania’s father is a little childish and her mother has left home for another man. And now, over half a year, she shows up destabilizing the already precarious family balance.

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