Friss Levegö

Aria fresca [t.l.]
Directed by Ágnes KocsisItalian title: Aria fresca [t.l.]
Hungary / 2006 / 109'
Izabella Hegyi, Júlia Nyakó, Anita Turóczi, Zoltán Kiss, Béla Stubnya

Viola is a beautiful woman making her living as a public lavatory guardian. She is alone and reads the lonely hearts column, looking for a man. Her daughter Angéla is seventeen, and wants to become a fashion designer. She cannot stand her mother: she hates her lavatory and the deodorant smell, and despises her very presence. She avoids her mother and stays in her room, behind a closed door. Mother and daughter only meet on the sofa, when they watch their favourite TV series, La piovra (Michele Placido being their forbidden dream). One day Angéla finds out that her mother is actually looking for men.

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