Früher oder später

Prima o poi
Directed by Ulrike Von RibbeckItalian title: Prima o poi
Germany / 2007 / 91'
Lola Klamroth (Nora), Peter Lohmeyer (Uwe), Beata Lehmann (Anette), Katharina Heyer (Isa), Harald Schrott (Thomas), Marie-Lou Sellem (Ellen), Thorsten Merten (Wolf), Fabian Hinrichs (Dan

Nora is fourteen and lives with her parents in a quiet Berlin suburb. She is a romantic introvert who spends her days in an enchanted dreamworld of her own. Her parents, Anette and Uwe, are busy trying to cope with a harsh reality; both are wrestling with their unrealised hopes and dreams along with the added troubles caused by Anette’s return to her studies and Uwe’s difficult business situation. When Thomas, Anette’s former love, moves in next door with his family, the already fragile foundations of Nora’s family are rocked. A handsome and charming man, Thomas is a failed actor and an amateur rock-climber. Nora immediately falls for him. To her, he stands for everything that her father lacks: he’s so smart, vital, worldly and strong.

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