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BFM — 38
Wild Haggis

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Directed by João Nicolau Teixeira RicardoItalian title: Haggis selvaggi [t.l.]
Portugal, France / 2013 / 20 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it.
Tomás Franco , Paulo Duarte Ribeiro , Pedro Leitão , Isabel Portugal

A ten year-old boy faces up to the struggles of life in a summer camp. It’s not easy to be ignored by the girl of his heart or seeing his dormitory vandalised by adolescent thugs. Fortunately, in the forest, the wild haggis insists on remaining out of sight.


«The wild haggis are mythical beings that exist in the shifting terrain situated between childhood, ingenuity and popular superstition. They are, if we like, a collective exponentiation of imagination. Not being an expert, I suspect cinema is practically the same.»

(João Nicolau)

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