International Animation Day 2016

28 October
Nuovo Eden – Brescia

October 28th is proclaimed International Animation Day, commemorating the first public performance of Emilie Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in 1892, when an animated film has been screened for the first time in the history.
The International Animation Day was first proclaimed in 2002, and it is considered the main global event to celebrate the art of animation which fascinates both children and adults.

Bergamo Film Meeting will celebrate this important event Friday, October 28th, from 16:00 at Cinema Nuovo Eden, via Nino Bixio 9, Brescia. The event is organized by our trustworthy partner, Associazione Avisco di Brescia, in collaboration with ASIFA and Cinema Nuovo Eden.

Bergamo Film Meeting will celebrate the International Animation Day by screening a short animated movie animated by one of our dearest authors:

Waiting For the New Year
by Vladimir Leschiov
Country: Latvia | Year: 2016 | Running time: 8’11”

A lonely woman street cleaner’s letter to unknown person, written on the first day of the New Year: a year spent observing the seasons and dreaming of a miracle for the following New Year.

Vladimir Leschiov (Leščiov) has distinguished himself for his strong resistance to computer animation and a great technical mastery of the medium. His cinema represents a perfect balance between traditional storytelling and poetic abstraction; he made his films using a variety of techniques, from drawing – in The Letter (2002) – to the colored pencils that give life to the flickering images of Bezmiegs (Insomnia, 2004), to the oil paintings evoked in Grandad’s Honey (2002) until the recent Lietus dienas (Rainy Days, Latvia/ Canada 2014, 8′) in which he used black tea pigments on paper.


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